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Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

o SOP adherence
• Ensure that all the SOPs are adequately discussed in the daily
huddle meetings and are followed judiciously.
• Ensure that all calls to buyers are made before leaving for delivery, and the transport team has a picture of the GPRS cameraat the latitude and longitude of the buyers’ address for all the undelivered shipments.
• Make sure that the payments are received from the buyers before
the delivery is done.
• Ensure that all the shipments are placed as per the pin-codes.
• Ensure better conversion rates while following all the SOPs and
delivering the shipment as per the buyers’ demand by coordinating with the sales team.
• Supervise all the housekeeping facilities at the hub and ensure
proper sanitization of the hub.

o Shipment

• Check and scan the seals while unloading the shipments in the hub and ensure that it matches the invoice, and puts the seals again while returning it to the origin.
• Take confirmation from the buyers if the shipment has been delivered.
• Review and identify the undelivered shipments and updating them on the system.
• Check the shipments to ensure that the loads are in good condition.

o Shipment deliveries
• Make judgments and assign vans and bikes depending on the volume of the shipment and the routes.
• Ensure that run sheets are created and check the kilometers of all the vehicles before and after delivery and ensure that run sheets are closed and all the data entered before they exit.
• Coordinate with the vendor to resolve the issues with the drivers or vehicles.
• Alert the TCs before sending the shipments and managing better loading and unloading of the shipments by liaising with the TC managers.
• Resolving issues relating to tampered shipments or seal mismatch.
o Cash reconciliation
• Verify the amount of money in the cash register at the closure of the business every day.
• Ensuring that there is no fraud or accounting error, and the cash
details must be mailed to the concerned team on time.

o Manpower management
• Ensure that the contract employees report on time and that the attendance is appropriately marked, and all the parameters of the hub are appropriately met for smooth operations.
• Prepare rosters and ensure that it is followed regularly.
• Encourage the employees always to wear gloves and masks and sanitize regularly.
• Motivate the individuals regularly to reduce absenteeism and
increase conversion rates.

Udaan Jobs in India All Information’s

Company Name: Udaan

Company Quick info: Join us in the journey of building the largest and fastest-growing B2B commerce startup in India!

-Others Key Aspect-

  • Experience: Fresher or Experienced candidate also can apply.
  • Language: Verbal and Written communication in English and Local languages will be an added advantage.
  • Who Apply: Fresher and Experienced both can apply.
  • What Skills You Required for getting a job: Positive attitude, Being calm and cheerful when things go wrong, Communication, You can listen and say information clearly when you speak or write, Teamwork, Self-management, Willingness to learn, Thinking skills (problem solving and decision making).
  • how is life at Company: Very energetic ecosystem.

20 Smart Ways to Prepare For a New Job :

  1. Research the industry and company.
  2. Clarify your “selling points” and the reasons you want the job.
  3. Anticipate the interviewer’s concerns and reservations.
  4. Be ready for “behavior-based” interviews”.
  5. Thank everybody.
  6. Don’t give up!
  7. Learn the technology.
  8. Score a success in the first five minutes.
  9. Write up your game plan.
  10. Get on the same side as the interviewer.
  11. Be assertive and take responsibility for the interview.
  12. Be authentic.
  13. Be ready to handle illegal and inappropriate questions.
  14. Make your selling points clear.
  15. Give yourself some transition time.
  16. Think positive.
  17. Close on a positive note.
  18. Bring a copy of your resume to every interview.
  19. Make the most of the “Tell me about yourself” question.
  20. Speak the right body language.

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Company Jobs Pros and Cons: In large companies everyone can specialize. You can become an expert in some very specific subject. In large companies there is funding to do large tasks that require large amounts of capital. In small companies you can learn a whole array of things and try out many different tasks. You can be the first line desk phone greeter, and the marketing materials coordinator, the art director, and the person who builds and maintains the web site, if those are things you want to do and they need someone to raise their hand and say “I’ll give it a try”. In small companies there can be more of a family feeling where everyone pitches in to handle whatever is the priority today. It’s the classic small fish in a big pond vs big fish in a small pond comparison.


  • Big company benefits.
  • There is a hierarchy of administration.
  • They are generally established.
  • Many fringe benefits and promotion options might be available.
  • Successful operations are in abundance.
  • If you fail in one field, chances are that you could be tried in another.
  • You make many friends.


  • You are not personally known to the board of directors.
  • Very little room for errors or mistakes.
  • They follow strict discipline.
  • You may be moved around by the administration as they require or see fit.
  • You might not be included in the decision making.
  • Some companies have a zero tolerance policy for repeat offenders.
  • There are nearly always impossible deadlines to meet.

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